aboutpicI have a PhD from the University of California, Riverside. While my degree is from an English department my work primarily resides in media studies with a focus on cultural theory. My dissertation, Gamic Race: Logics of Difference in Videogame Culture was one of the first book length theoretical explorations of race in videogames.

I’m currently Director, Education Editorial Strategy at Common Sense Education. I oversee the editorial content and strategy for Common Sense Education’s reviews and teaching strategies. We help teachers discover digital learning resources for their classrooms and use them effectively.

Prior to Common Sense I was Research Lead at The GameDesk Institute where I researched play, making, discovery, and student-driven education, technology, and curriculum for K-12 schools. I had the opportunity to not only do research, but actually develop curriculum including units on culture, media literacy, and game design for use in GameDesk’s PlayMaker School in Los Angeles and Educade website. Some of my more exciting projects included a sci-fi themed live action roleplaying scenario, a unit where students recreate ancient civilizations in Minecraft, and an alternative reality game (ARG) that ran throughout a school year.

I invite you to browse the site, and comment or email me if something interests you. Email: tanner [dot] higgin [at] gmail [dot] com