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Are Twitter Trends the New Barbershop?

Posted 17 May 2010 | By | Categories: Articles | 3 Comments

Recently, a friend of mine joined Twitter and the first direct message he sent me was a simple question: “Why are all the people posting on Twitter trends black?” It was an intentionally exaggerated but honest and innocent question and one I had been thinking about a lot lately. In the past few months, I had […]

Twitter in the Classroom: Backchanneling a Film Screening

Posted 11 May 2009 | By | Categories: Articles | No Comments

Twitter is the current hot social network and, for once, I think it is justified. As others have pointed out, what makes Twitter useful is its adherence to simplicity in design and features and the ability to be followed but not follow, or, its asymmetry. Academics have been especially intrigued by its functionality in the classroom […]