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How I Use Leeroy Jenkins to Teach Race in Videogames

Posted 17 September 2009 | By | Categories: Articles | 10 Comments

I think it is important for those of us in media studies, and not just with a game studies focus, to teach how to “read” and interpret videogames given their budding status as one of the dominant media forms of the near future. This is particularly important if you subscribe to McKenzie Wark’s central argument […]

Game Studies Research and Critical Blindspots

Posted 10 July 2009 | By | Categories: Articles | 1 Comment

It was refreshing to be around so many different people from so many different backgrounds at the Games, Learning, and Society (GLS) conference in June, specifically because they were all incredibly excited about games. The conference had just a slight tinge of fangirl/boyism that was endearing and, in some ways, quite productive. After all, in […]